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How to choose appropriate rebar for a concrete structure? 

When it comes to construction and engineering, rebar is always the one you can steer clear of. And it is impossible to use top class rebar in every project. Civil engineers can always choose appropriate rebar from many kinds of them to design a concrete structure. Black steel rebar is the most commonly used one, which is applied to nearly all standard buildings, except marine environments. Epoxy-coated rebar has medium price. The most expensive kind of rebar is stainless steel rebar. It can be used in MRI rooms as it enjoys excellent anti-corrosion feature.

• Black Steel Rebar
o Cheapest kind of rebar
o Excellent where there is no moisture
o Most common rebar in buildings
o Easy to rust

• Epoxy Coated Rebar
o More expensive than black steel rebar
o Best used in marine environments such as dock pilings
o Easily damaged, which could isolate and magnify any corrosion
o It is difficult to bond to concrete
o Far less susceptible to rust

• Stainless Steel Rebar
o Very expensive
o Good corrosion resistance
o Can withstanding shipping, handling, bending
o Comes in magnetic or non-magnetic alloy

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